A Game-Changer for Fortinet MSSPs — the ‘as-a-Service’ offering

In a world where cyber threats never sleep, MSSPs need a solid ally. Especially those navigating the Fortinet ecosystem for their clients. Each day brings new challenges, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Whether it’s scale, agility, simplicity, or add-on capability, the demand is greater now than ever before.

MSSPs encounter hurdles in deploying and managing security infrastructure. The conventional multi-step process — acquiring licenses, building secure infrastructure, and ongoing management — is resource-intensive and time-consuming. This disjointed approach prolongs the sales cycle, escalates operational costs, and requires costly skilled resources for operations in cloud, networking, and dev work, especially if doing self-hosting that requires crucial continuous attention to meet the security demands inherent to cloud environments.

Enter FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer-as-a-Service — Powered by Fortinet This AWS Marketplace offering simplifies the whole equation by providing a one-click launch solution with no technical limitations, allowing customization as your business warrants. The comprehensive pricing structure covers License, AWS Infrastructure, and AWS Maintenance, eliminating the hassle of managing these elements separately. This offering comes as a respite, unshackling the Fortinet Partner or MSSP from the demanding responsibilities of Day-2 Operations, and freeing from the infrastructure or cloud management without draining valuable resources.

Key Features & Benefits:

Let’s delve into the pivotal features and benefits that make this offering a standout choice for MSSPs.

One-Click Launch: Say goodbye to complex setups. Launch and operationalize FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer with a single click.

All-Inclusive Pricing: The pricing covers Licenses, AWS Infrastructure (build, maintenance, security) providing a cost-effective solution with no hidden charges.

Zero PS Required: The offering eliminates the need for additional professional services for building or managing the setup.

Automated Features: Leverage Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and other automation features that give significant cost and time savings, while slashing travel cost and performing the job of a tier-1 engineer.

All OpEx : No CapEx spend or logistics hassle. Deploy on an as-need basis, scaling according to your changing business needs.

Full Platform Control: MSSPs retain full FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer control. And own the customer relationship, ensuring a personalized service delivery.

What’s the Value?

Through branding this offering as their own, MSSPs can effortlessly fold it into their service suite. This simplifies the sales dialogue, and amplifies the value proposition of the MSSP’s offerings, anchored on the existing trust between the MSSP and the client, alongside Fortinet’s reputable solutions.


Why not get the Centralized Control and Management layer ready before taking the next step? It’s not just about easing the operational burden and unlocking technical possibilities; it’s also about accelerating the time to value and revenue, without compromising on the delivery commitment. All that stands between a Fortinet MSSP and onboarding its customer is a simple subscription from the AWS Marketplace to redefine network and security management for their clientele, propelling the MSSP business into a realm of unprecedented efficiency.

The FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer-as-a-Service — Powered by Fortinet on AWS Marketplace is a no-brainer for MSSPs serving Fortinet products